Custodial Planning


Out-of-the-box or customized, our robust tools bring effectiveness to your custodial planning and management.

Point & Click

dabbleCUSTODIAN provides graphical floor plans for simple custodial zoning, cleaning levels, and more. Seeing your building floor plan makes custodial planning easy.

Industry Data

APPA standards are applied to your facilities, right out of the box.  Customization of tasks, or creation of new tasks ensures your ability to achieve desired outcomes.

Unlimited Users

In keeping it simple, we do not increase our prices based on the number of users; Our affordable licensing provides unlimited logins and passwords for your team.


  1. INDUSTRY STANDARDS - APPA Levels 1-5 provide custodial performance that is aligned with your cleanliness expectations. Customization and advance features can provide more detailed ISSA cleaning standards.
  2. ZONE CLEANING or TEAM/TASK-BASED CLEANING - Dabblefox provides flexibility in your preferred approach to planning your facility cleaning. 
  3. TASK BASED CALCULATIONS - Tasks are defined with the required time to clean a base square footage and then calculated within your specific facilities.
  4. CLEANING PROFILES - Tasks are organized into cleaning profiles and assinged to each room type. Desired APPA Levels for these profiles determine the frequency of cleaning.
  5. SCHEDULE LINK - A link to your facility scheduling API provides your custodial team with accurate detail around the availability of buildings and rooms.

"I cannot imagine managing custodial operations without Dabblefox!"

"With Dabblefox, our Custodial Services Department increased efficiency, established clear custodial assignments based on solid data rather than guesswork, and developed and communicated clear and concise cleaning plans for our custodians. I cannot imagine managing custodial operations without Dabblefox!" 

Jim Blumberg, C.E.M. CPE

Physical Plant Director
Illinois Wesleyan University



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